Thursday, September 18, 2014

Thank You

This week has been a whirlwind. When I posted a blog post on Sunday afternoon about the football game that Troy played against ACU, I never expected the response I have received. That one post brought in over 5800 page views and counting. Yeah, I just am trying to let that sink in. Over 5800 times someone has clicked on the link and potentially read what I wrote. I have had people read and share this from all over the country. I know this because my cousin who goes to ACU told me that she read it and other people at her school read it. That is a very crazy thought, and also very humbling. 

The idea that the words I write can have an impact on people throughout the country is very moving as a hopeful future journalist. I mean, this is my fourth and final year in school so hopefully I will actually be able to survive after I graduate. To make it even more unreal to me, Steve Barnes from contacted me and as a Troy grad wanted to write an article about the events from Saturday, that he read on here. 

So here is the article written about what happened Troy's Tyler Parker.

I encourage you to read this article because it has something that my post didn't have, comments from Tyler. As a band member, reading his comments made me excited for the next home game, which happens to be homecoming. I hope that we will win that game but even if we don’t I will cheer on my Trojans because we are all Troy Trojans.  And as the team travels this week to Athens, Georgia to play the University of Georgia Dawgs, I will cheer even harder.

So Trojans, as you travel this week and next (to ULM) keep your heads up. I know you know how to play football, I have seen you all play football so well, so please don’t get discouraged. We are Trojans one and all.

And Professor Tabb, I promise that I will be back to foodstuff next week for my class post! :)

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