Saturday, September 20, 2014

Senior Year Bucket List

So I know usually people do bucket lists at the beginning of something and I am probably a little late doing this but, I am doing a bucket list for my senior year by doing a list of 25 Things to do Before Graduation. To keep it organized, I am going to categorize all my things in my list. Hopefully before July 24, 2015 I will be able to mark all of these things off my list.

25 Things to do Before Graduation

1. Get a 4.0 all year
2. Graduate Summa Cum Laude
3. Decorate my graduation cap with something cool
4. Take a picture with T-Roy
5. Buy myself a graduation present
6. Get an internship
7. Learn HTML

8. Get organized
9. Go to a concert
10. Give blood
11. See the Air Force Band perform
12. Read 5 books for fun

13. Go to the gym for a week straight
14. Lose 15 lbs
15. Do a 5k (9/28/14)

16: Go someplace I have never been
17. Take a road trip with some of my sisters
18. Watch the sunrise somewhere pretty (campus, beach, anywhere)

19. Start saving money
20. Do a month no spend challenge

21. Cook 5 Family Recipes (while not at home)
22. Make a college scrapbook
23. Make a college t-shirt quilt
24. Stay up all night
25. Have a cool Halloween costume

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