Tuesday, June 30, 2015

I'm A Looser

This post has two points...

1. I am a looser because I have not done great at this blogging thing. But I am in a position now to get better with it. My life is going through a lot of changes right now and I think one of the best ways to get all of my thoughts organized in my head is to write about them. Even if other people aren't reading it, it is a way for me to work through what I am doing with my life and give me something fun to write about. Graduation is less than a month away (24 days to be exact) and that is a crazy concept. But more on that later.

I hope you will stick with me as I get through my last month as a college student and try to figure out the next stage of my life.

2. I am a looser because my friends and I have decided to do a biggest looser challenge. This is going to be fun because it is a friendly competition between a bunch of friends, and even if I don't win the actual challenge, getting a little healthier is a good thing.

I have bought a bunch of fruit and veggies to try and make some healthy meals. But again, more on that later.

Here's hoping that I am more dedicated now, because I feel like I need to be blogging because it makes gives me something to be productive about and a way to figure out where I'm going in next.

Until later,