Monday, February 23, 2015

Work Out Play Lists

This week I have been working toward marking something off my Graduation Bucket List by working out. While I have never been one to love running or exercise in general, I have really enjoyed going to the gym the last few days because it really makes me feel better.

 One thing that I have found that makes working out a little easier is to have a good playlist to listen to while I do run on the elliptical or use the machines. Up-beat and energetic music is the best because I get into a groove with the music and work at the tempo of the music (its a band geek problem). I don't usually make an actual playlist because I don't ever know exactly what I want to listen to, but I love listening to Pandora.

Here are the Pandora stations that I listen to the most:

  • Uptown Funk- Based on the hit, it is full of uptempo music and very energetic. 
  • Disney Songs- Okay, well I am a huge Disney nerd, but I love listening to this station because I just want to sing along and forget that I am working out. 
  • All Star- Perfect for any #TBT or to just bring out the 90's/early 2000's. 
  • Florida Georgia Line- A good mix of different country music
  • Here Comes the Sun- If you want to get back to our roots, I mean who doesn't like "Brown Eyed Girl" or "Piano Man"?
What are some of your favorite songs to listen to while you work out? Do you have certain songs that you listen to when you run?

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