Friday, August 22, 2014

Sit Back and Relax...

Its the Sound of the South!

There is only 8 days till football kicks off!!! Okay, so I might be just slightly excited...but hey, I'm in the band, I am allowed to be. College football is what marching band revolves around, and this is my last year being in the band (which I am not ready to talk about yet) but I can't wait for it to start. Troy starts our season next week at the University of Alabama-Birmingham, at UAB. When I started college, I knew very basic football. And by basic, I mean you throw the ball and have to get it to one endzone or the other and that refs throw flags for things, that was it. But now that I am in my senior season and have had three intense football seasons, I actually understand the rules. And I have to say, I have grown to really love football. It is one of my favorite times of the years.

Now after I graduate and get to come back as an Alumna for football games, one thing I am really excited about is getting to tailgate. College band leaves no time for tailgating. We have to be at rehearsal early on home game days and then get in uniform and we will be in the stadium a minimum of an hour and a half before kick off. But when I do get to tailgate, I have already started looking at recipes to make. So here are a few of my favorite tailgate recipes that I have found on Pinterest.

For the Early Kick Off:
Breakfast Fruit Kabobs from Mom Endeavors

These things are so adorable and so easy to make. And this year, we have several games that are early kick offs so these are perfect. I mean who wants to eat a casserole at 9:00 am? And if you have different team colors it is easy to change by using different foods.

For Dessert Duty:

Tailgate Truffles from Stuff by Stace
I have made Oreo balls before, but never have I ever thought of doing them as a tailgate food before this. It is genius and so simple. All it takes is a package of Oreo type cookies (I usually get whatever is on sale) and a pack of cream cheese, and then melting chocolate. But you can easily change the colors of the chocolates to match your team colors. And did I mention how delicious these are? 

For the Main Attraction:

Chicken Tortilla Bake from Homemaking Challenged
This recipe looks so good. I am cooking it tomorrow night. I will post a link once I have cooked it. It basically is a bunch of chicken and tortilla pieces and cheese cooked all together. Things like this make great food for tailgates because they are good and easy to make. 

Hopefully I will be able to try some of these treats throughout the fall. But today I am linking up with Erin at Love, Fun and Football as we count down to college football kick off! She also has a really yummy looking dip on her blog for tailgating.
Football Friday
Oh and to keep you entertained (because that is what band is all about) here is the Sound of the South marching band performing our show from my freshman year.

Stay hungry my friends and see you soon

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  1. So cool that you are part of a college band! I was in marching band in high school and sometimes regret not going to a school with a big band for college!! That recipe looks DELISH by the way, I'm definitely saving that too! Thanks for linking up :)