Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Goodbye 2014, Hello 2015

Well we have made it, it is the end of the year 2014. So much has happened this year. I finished my senior year of marching band, I started this blog, I celebrated my 3rd anniversary with the boyfriend, and I made some fantastic new friends and strengthened relationships with old friends. I feel like it was just the end of 2013 and I was looking forward to 2014, and now, in less than 18 hours it will be done.

But like everyone, I want to make some goals for the year 2015. Instead of doing goals or resolutions for the whole year, I'm just doing it one month at a time. So throughout the year, I will update my goals for the month. (I have never been very good at sticking to goals for the whole year, a month will be a sort of stretch too, but more reasonable). The plan is to have a goal or two for each category of my life, things like Health/Fitness, School, Social and Blog. So here goes nothing, my goals for the month of January.

Health and Fitness
  • Drink more water. I am participating in the #wellwithwater that Sarah is hosting on Sarah Celebrates. The point is to encourage simply drinking more water throughout the month of January. This is the kind of goal I can accomplish. On average I drink maybe one bottle of water on a good day,if that, so my goal for January is to drink two bottles of water everyday. 
  • Drink less soda. Over Christmas break, I have gotten use to having as much soda as I want at the house because my parents love me and keep all of my favorites in stock. This is great and all, but I drank wayyyyy too much. So while I am drinking more water, I am also drinking less soda.
  •  Don't get behind. This may seem like something that everyone says at the beginning of a semester, but with this being my last real semester of school (not ready to talk about that yet) I can't afford to slack off. I want to graduate with top honors. 204 days till I graduate!!!
  • Spend time with friends, and do stuff other than watch TV. Living in a small town, it can get difficult to find things to do. (The mall in Troy is Wal-Mart) But several of my friends have birthdays this month so it is expected for us to actually go do stuff. 
  • Post at least 2 times a week. I want to post more than that, but I know January is a very busy month for me. But a busy month equals a lot of things to post about! 
Happy New Year everyone, I hope 2015 is a great and prosperous year for each and everyone of you. Thank you for helping my blog grow over the past few months.
 What are your goals for January or 2015?

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